Workshop Eden Prairie Minneapolis

ep_fire_logoIn the past weeks Netage has made a big trip trough the USA. We have done market research and visited Fire Services throughout the USA to communicate our vision and present our products.

At Eden Prairie Minneapolis Bart van Leeuwen gave a workshop on behalf of Netage to Fire Chiefs and IT specialists from the fire services in Minneapolis area. A group of about 20 people listened with great interest to the story of Bart. Bart explained what terms like ‘Big Data’ and ‘Smart Data’ exactly mean and what there effect may be on the fire service. Bart’s explanation was a good starting point for discussion and gave insight into the problems of data processing in the fire service. During the coffee break it became clear that the story of Bart was greatly appreciated and resulted in discussing the possibilities of a potential collaboration.

Finally, Bart also has given an extensive demo of the RESC.Info products from Netage, this generated plenty of positive reactions.