Netage B.V. uses smart data to prevent first responders getting injured. Our knowledge graph prioritizes incident information from closed and open datasets linked in 20+ databases. Role based information distribution drives business innovation for fire departments. Fire activity data combined with smart city data is providing fire departments a path into the future. Netage B.V. uses innovative data techniques to provide Smart Data for Smarter Firefighters.
“My fear is that something will happen to me or one of my colleagues and that we will find out that we had all the data to prevent this accident from happening, but we had no means of accessing it.” Bart van Leeuwen - CEO of Netage B.V. and senior firefighter

Firefighters operate quickly with real-time data and the best information possible due to a collaboration between Bloomington Fire Department, Indiana University and Netage B.V.

“RESC.Info Monitor helps our firefighters to get key information about the Indiana University properties, buildings and resources, as we are on our way to handle an incident.”John Hamilton - Bloomington Mayor