"I fear that something will happen to me or one of my colleagues and that we will find out that we had all the data to prevent this accident from happening, but we had no means of accessing it." Bart van Leeuwen - CEO of Netage B.V. and captain at fire department
Netage B.V. is a global provider of innovative data solutions for the fire service. We are inspired by our concern that ‘Something might happen to firefighters or the public they serve, and later it is revealed that the information needed to prevent the accident from happening was available but not accessible by the people when they need it.’ We believe that the solution to this problem is not just in smart gadgets and apps but in solid information architecture that will help improve the operations of the fire service across the full spectrum of its mission, keeping people and property safe.


In recent years, Bart van Leeuwen has explained the concepts of graph technology and linked data during various presentations and workshops. In this webinar, he has combined all the material that has been used in recent years into an accessible introduction to graph technology and linked data.



No single data source brings value alone, combining multiple data sources truly shows the value of all the data that is available to you.


By exploring the relationships in your data you will be able to find unknown correlations and drive optimizations.


Newly found connections enable you to create insights into the risks and performance of your department.


The combined datasets with their connections leading to insights help you to create dashboards and reports that enable you to display your performance.