Netage from the beginning

Netage started up in 1995 as ‘Van Leeuwen Solutions (VLS), focussing on servicing of IBM hardware. Just around that time, more and more requests were coming in for software solutions – specifically Lotus Notes. The IBM service branch ran on Lotus Notes so we had that knowledge in-house already.
This is how the emphasis came to lie on creating network oriented solutions and VLS swapped over into the ‘Networking Age’, which ultimately became

In 1996, Netage started using Internet based applications that brought more depth to the usual simple website
Having made our first steps on the World Wide Web, Netage started offering Internet services in 2001. This is nowadays known as Cloud Computing, or Software as a Service (SaaS). was the first large scale Netage product to be been set up this way.

In 2005, Netage developed the FishFood framework which is, among other things, the basis for This gives’s products the advantage in that they become more flexible, and the development platform more streamlined. In this way Version Control Systems, Issue Trackers, development stack and helpdesk systems are inter-coordinated, giving a better insight into the developments, changes made and time spent. FishFood is currently the basis of almost all’s products.