New Apache Geronimo release contains fixes by

geronimo_email_logoRecently, we discovered a bug in Geronimo application server, which is also visible in all dependent products such as IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition. Our work is documented in GERONIMO-6138. IBM announced an updated release of their application server for the end of June 2013.

We discovered the problem while migrating our triple store from Jena TDB to IBM DB2. The IBM DB2 triple store is fully compatible with the Jena API and uses ordinary database connections to talk to DB2. However, it requires support of JDBC 4.

The initial release of Geronimo 3 stated full Java EE 6 support, which includes support of JDBC 4. The JDBC support is provided by the third party library tranql. However, the included version was only compatible with JDBC 3. Our fix updated the dependency on tranql to the right version and adapted Geronimo to API changes in the new tranql version.

Contributing this fix reflects our dedication to contribute to community projects