Meeting with Excelerate

Last Friday Netage B.V. had an inspiring meeting with Excelerate at their headquarters in Cardiff, UK. Excelerate gave us a demo of their products and the Zero Gap Connectivitie car. This car is able to make internet connections when other networks are lost or missing, now emergency services can continue to communicate in the event of disasters.

Excellerate takes care that emergency services can exchange data during disasters and Netage B.V. takes care that the correct data can ends up with these services, here we see a potential future collaboration.

Speaking at FRI 2019 Atlanta

Friday, August 9, Bart van Leeuwen, CEO of Netage B.V. will talk about the Amsterdam Fire Department: ‘From Traditional Aggressive to Cutting Edge Aggressive.’ at Fire Rescue International 2019 in Atlanta, USA

The Amsterdam Fire Department has a long tradition of maintaining its own tactics and procedures over the national standards all based on our experience, pride and rich history, going back to the 1600’s. Change was not something easily achieved within the department, early 2000s we were ran with 13 year old fire trucks and woolen PPE! Fast forward to 2018, the department has transformed every aspect of the fire fighting operations, our tactics, our PPE, our fire trucks, our equipment and our training. This presentation will give you an overview of the motivations for change and the lessons learned, what works and what doesn’t, who to involve if you want to have a radical change to make your operations modern and safe but still aggressive!

Come to the CHIEF-111 session, Amsterdam Fire Department: From Traditional Aggressive to Cutting Edge Aggressive. Friday, August 9, 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM, Georgia World Congress Center, B312

FireGraph at Fire Department Amsterdam

Netage B.V. has deployed FireGraph at the Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Department. With FireGraph it is now possible to connect different internal datasets and combine them with various Dutch base registries at the same time. By using knowledge graph technology we provide an information architecture to truly leverage the power of available data. FireGraph offers the end user the opportunity to explore the all these datasets without knowledge of underlying data structures, and technology, to find relations between data and construct overviews.

Fire Safe Europe webinar

Bart van Leeuwen gave a presentation during the last Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) webinar of the Data collection to improve fire safety in buildings webinar series “Learning from pioneering EU countries” which took place on Friday, April 19.

Fire Safe Europe (FSEU) was founded in 2011 with the goal of putting fire safety on the agenda of the European Union (EU), because although the EU has made many important strides to improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of buildings, those strides have sidestepped one of the oldest and most menacing threats of daily life: fire safety. Fire Safety Europe promotes the highest standards for fire safety in buildings in Europe for regulations, policies, test methods and best practices. Its role is to connect policy makers, firefighters, fire experts, NGO’s and industries in view of keeping people safe from fire in every building they spend time in.

Great developments with FireGraph

Last week we presented the latest development of our FireGraph product to several fire departments in The Netherlands and got great reactions and excellent feedback.
The FireGraph product allows fire departments to connect all their data-sets through meaningful links, enabling them to explore all their data from various entry-points. E.g. learn what is related to the various incidents, the buildings in their area or the public outreach campaigns the department has undertaken. All at the hands of the people who need to make the decisions and without extensive knowledge around the structure of the underlying data.

Netage helps NGA911 with NENA i3 JSON-LD standard

Netage B.V. helps NGA911 with the transition of the NENA i3 standard from XML to JSON-LD Graph model

As an expert on Graph Technology and a domain expert in emergency services NGA911 choose Netage B.V. to help them with this transition. Also the 911 community is not very well known with Graph Technology, so Netage B.V. will set up some guidelines to make a good start. Helping the 911 community to embrace JSON-LD.

Presenting in Abu Dhabi

We were proud and honored that we were asked to present in Abu Dhabi at the MOI (Ministry of Interior) Innovation & Foresight Summit. For Netage B.V a new world and audience tot talk about Smart Data for Smarter Firefighters. Netage’s Bart van Leeuwen talked about the latest developments in Smart Data for emergency services, the positives and the negatives. And that we should not forget the human factor in these developments.

The publication of the report ‘Fatal Residential Fires in Europe’

Great news for Netage’s RESC.INFO Insight! With the publication of the report ‘Fatal Residential Fires in Europe’ the first step is taken to understand fatal residential fires in Europe! The improvement of fire safety in the living environment can only be effective when we have knowledge about the chances, circumstances and effects of residential fires. Since fire safety measures transcend national borders, greater insights into residential fires on a European level is necessary. For this reason, the European Fire Safety Alliance (EuroFSA) and the Dutch Fire Service Academy (IFV) have conducted a research study into fatal residential fires in Europe. The data of 9 European countries has been collected and analysed and the first results of this research are detailed in a report. The report is a first step towards a better understanding of fatal residential fires in Europe and now you can use this data to create risk insight for your own fire department.

CRR Activity Data Model Development Meeting

In collaboration with NFPA, Netage B.V. organised a two day CRR Activity Data Model Development Meeting in Salt Lake City. We brought community risk reduction (CRR) subject matter experts together to share and document the existing landscape of various species of CRR activity data for the purposes of developing a comprehensive, flexible and extensible data model. The meeting was organized as workshop where all participants were encouraged to collaborate and share their ideas and inputs on the data model.

The first workshop day started with an extensive explanation from the CEO and Data Expert from Netage B.V., Bart van Leeuwen, about how the legacy of data modeling influences our decisions, the importance of taxonomies and how graph models can overcome these issues. The hands-on part of the workshop started where the 47 people of the group split up and started to create there own graph models. There was some hesitation in the beginning, but by doing it more and more people became enthusiast and started to understand the principles. The workshop day ended with an improvement iteration of the first attempt, Bart helped the groups with hints and tips to make the model more mature.

The second workshop day started with working on more data models with greater detail where the groups were challenged to share the narrative the graphs entailed to the rest of the group.  The feedback from the group indicated that everybody was convinced that the graph model would be the right solution for the broad CRR Data Model domain. The workshop ended the day with a ‘What is needed to form a community?’ brainstorm.

The workshop clearly emphasized that collaboratively working on a knowledge model not only improved the quality of the model, but also improved sharing knowledge among the participants. Using the graph model to express knowledge and relations between various subjects around CRR has proven to be viable solution to the participants. Now it is on Netage B.V. to take the inputs of the workshop and work on the Core CRR Data model.

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Instructor Development Conference in Chicago

The International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) organised in September an Instructor Development Conference in Chicago and Netage B.V. was present. The ISFSI leads fire and EMS instructors in their efforts to reduce firefighter fatalities and injuries, increase firefighter safety, and improve the profession through education and training.
This conference rotates around North America annually with a dedicated focus on instructor professional development. It provides instructors a quality experience in a small intimate conference setting. Attendees are challenged academically and are provided a chance to network amongst their peers.