Symposium NFPA Munich

nfpa_logo-300Monday April 18 Nicky van Oorschot visited on behalf of Netage the symposium ‘Fire Protection for a Changing World‘ van de NFPA in München.

The symposium focused on fite protection for buildings an d warehouses. There were several presentations:
– Fire protection for wooden buildings
– Sprinkler systems in warehouses
– Storing lithium ion batteries and there influence on fire in the storage

In the end of the afternoon Nicky participated in the discussion panel with Matt Klaus (NFPA) & John Bonney (Alendi Consulting Ltd). As a participant in the panel, he gave a presentation regarding to the work Netage does. Why linked data, how it works and what netage does with it.


Classroom Session well received at FDIC

FDIC 150x75The ‘Classroom Session‘ from Bart van Leeuwen last Thursday at FDIC has been well received. Many positive reactions and afterwards interesting discussions. Bart has also gained several contacts at FDIC and there is much interest in the ideas and product of Netage.

Some of the many tweets:

Classroom session at FDIC

FDIC 150x75This week Bart van Leeuwen will be present on behalf of Netage at FDIC in Indianapolis, USA. FDIC is the largest international fire-fighter congress in the USA. Bart will join lots of workshops himself and will be introduced to the latest products for fire-fighters. Bart will also give a classroom session himself on Thursday , April 21. Bart’s classroom session, called ‘Situational Awareness Barriers in a Digital Information Environment‘ will give an easy accessible explanation on how to use digital information in the fire service.

In the clip below, Bart himself introduces his session:


Netage is visiting NFPA in Boston

nfpa_logo-300Friday, January 15th, Bart van Leeuwen will give a presentation on be halve of netage at the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) in Boston.
The NFPA who sets the standards for fire departments in the USA, is organizing a ‘First Big Data Analytics Meet Up Workshop & Breakfast‘ and has asked netage to share their experiences with smart data. The presentation of Bart is called “Smart Data for Smart Fire Fighting” and will cover his experiences with smart data and the Firebrary.
Also exploratory discussions are taking place about a possible future cooperation in this area.

Promotion video Firebrary

Printnetage has been commissioned by the IFV to realize a electronic dictionary, the Firebrary. During the Dutch Firefigthters Congres the result were shown in a stand and the promotion video was launched and can be found on the website. The fire department electronic dictionary is an integral part of the VeRA, the safety region reference architecture. netage has built the electronic dictionary with open standards which are also recommended by the Dutch Forum standardisation. wins ODINE funding for RESC.Info Insight has won funding with RESC.Info Insight: A web based service for fire departments to assess residential fire risks in neighbourhoods based on Open Data, to help distribute resources and fire safety education.

From tackling fire risk, to publishing company information, eleven winners secure €1 million from new European incubator.

Eleven businesses from across Europe will receive up to €100k of EU grant funding after being selected in the second round of the new programme: Open Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE). The programme supports European startups and SMEs to build sustainable businesses using open data.

In addition to their grant funding, over the next six months the eleven winners will receive:

  • expert advice from business mentors
  • peer-networking and support
  • technology and datasets
  • coverage in The Guardian datablog
  • brokering introductions to business angels and venture capitalists
  • training in open data and business management

Nicky van Oorschot has been employed by

netage-logo-100x60Since the first of October Nicky van Oorschot has been employed by as Data Specialist. Nicky is just graduated from the master course “Information Sciences” at the VU University Amsterdam. During his master thesis Nicky studied whether it is possible to calculate dwelling fire risks solely based on Open Datasets. During this master thesis there was intensive cooperation with Bart van Leeuwen as well as researchers from the Web & Media research group from the VU University Amsterdam.

The outcomes from the master thesis research were promising why is decided to continue the project with Because of the innovative character and the international potential the research has been selected to participate in the ODINE program.

Nicky will focus himself on the further development of the Proof Of Concept developed during his master thesis.

W3C TPAC 2015, Japan

TPAC_Logo_WebEind oktober vond in Sapporo, Japan TPAC 2015 plaats. TPAC brengt W3C Technical Groups, het Advisory Board, de TAG en de Advisory Committee samen om nieuwe ontwikkelingen en ideeën te bespreken en planningen te maken voor de komende maanden. was als W3C lid aanwezig om een bijdrage te leveren.

Namens is Bart van Leeuwen lid van de ‘Spatial Data on the Web‘ groep en heeft met leden van deze groep twee intensieve meeting dagen gehad. Daarbij is er tijdens deze dagen ook een use case in gebracht die voor emergency response belangrijk is.

Na de Working Group meeting  was er nog een Plenary Day met ‘Break Out’ sessies, ook hier heeft Bart van Leeuwen aan deelgenomen.

DOMINO event at IFV

FE4-tfDAThe Dutch First Responder platform IFV organizes in a joint research and development event about crisis information management during incidents with cascading effects. The event  –  that is named ‘DOMINO’ – will take place May 20, 21st and 22nd   2015.

During this event Bart van Leeuwen will give a short presentation about the developments of the Firebrary.

Strata + Hadoop World

strata-hadoop-world-logo150De knapste koppen in de data wereld verzamelen zich in Barcelona van 19 tot 21 november voor Strata + Hadoop World om te leren, te verbinden en zich te buigen over complexe vraagstukken en spannende mogelijkheden in de business van big data, data science, en pervasive computing. Strata + Hadoop World is waar de meest invloedrijke zakelijke beslissers, strategen, architecten, ontwikkelaars en analisten op het gebied van Big Data zich verzamelen om de toekomst van hun bedrijven en technologieën vorm te geven.

Bart van Leeuwen zal namens Netage op deze prestigieuze conferentie de presentatie “Making the Work of Fire Fighters Safer with Information Awareness” geven.