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The traditional role of fire departments has always been to rescue life and goods during incidents and advise on preventive measures during construction. Slowly fire departments are also focusing on education of the public on how to live safely. General campaigns to install smoke detectors are well known to the public. Making sure that people can live safely in the place they call home is the ultimate goal of the modern fire department. Although the education has had a significant impact on the number of fatalities, especially in residential fires, it seems that the decline has stabilized. In the last decade more and more fire departments have been conducting forensic research in the after math of fires in residential areas. This has developed in clear insights in which factors play an important role in the likelihood of a fire at home. Together with the abundance of data about the general population in residential areas it should be possible to create insights in the locations where residential fires are more likely to happen.

“If fire departments have fire risk specific insights,
isn’t it their moral obligation to educate the people at risk better?”

RESC.Info Insight provides the fire department with the tools to combine its forensic research data, internal statistical data and public available data. The combining is managed in our web based platform where a variety of calculations can be made, stored and compared. The results of the calculations are shown in an intuitive user interface which allows to quickly assess the locations which need extra attention. Forecasts about future population distribution can also be a valuable source to generate a outlook for future educational campaigns or placement of resources such as fire stations. The methods used to create these calculations can be shared with other fire departments stimulating open innovation.

Web based

RESC.Info Insight is a web based service offered on open standards, allowing you to easily exchange the generated data with other products. Cloud technology ensures you will always be able to run the latest version of the product without installing updates or going through upgrade paths. This is reflected in our pricing model, no additional costs everything is fixed fee based.

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