Bloomington Township Fire Department enthusiastic about RECS.Info

trident-tab.gifOn October 31st Bart van Leeuwen visited Indiana University (IU) to do a lecture at the Infoder class from David Wild. First they did a quick field trip to Bloomington township station 5. Bart had a tour and talked to the captain, chief and firefighters to discover they have the exact same issues as Bart had at the Fire Department of Amsterdam-Amstelland, not a real surprise!

btfdCrossStarThe run-sheets , a piece of paper with all the details of an incident on it, contain the same set of data as available in GMS. This data is also available in a web based application, where all the information according to an incident was nicely categorized. It clearly showed the access to structured data in their CAD system (Computer Aided Dispatch). Due to the modular approach of RESC.Info and the availability of the needed data in a structured form our current implementation to control the screens would work within a day! is running on mainstream software like the IBM WebSphere Application Server and IBM DB2 NoSQL Graph Store it’s really easy to implement. The most important thing is to get the data in a structured form from the CAD. Once that is done, the rest is almost a formality.

Indiana University is always looking for ways to support the local community, in line with the classes being run there, getting an infrastructure up for the County Fire Department would make a excellent synergy. is looking forward to a nice collaboration with Indiana University and Bloomington Township Fire Department to make the life of fire fighters safer and provide an even better service to the local community.