Base registration employees Haaglanden en Gelderland-Zuid

logo-inowitAn innovation grant from iNowIT enables in cooperation with AG5 to support the safety regions Haaglanden and Gelderland-Zuid in The Netherlands with the processing of employee data, based on the principle ‘one-time registration, multiple use.’

Within a safety region employee data is stored in many different systems. For example there are personnel and salary systems and the central telephone index, but also systems supporting personnel, skills, various facility processes, automation and many others. Today, all these sub-departments keep the personnel data and mutations in their own systems. The chance of errors and divergence is considerable. It is desired to orchestrate data, systems and processes in such a way that only the authoritative source data will be changed, and (authorized) consumer applications can use it.

The solution will be based on Linked Data technologies, which is an area of expertise of In 2013, a proof of concept will be implemented to show benefits of implementing the core registration through Linked Data. The basis for this will be part of the foundation which is being developed by within the iNowIT project.