Conversational AI with FireGraph

Although a lot of activities are halted due to the Corona/COVID-19 crisis, Netage B.V. is still very active with innovations, currently focusing on Conversational AI. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to directly get answers on simple questions from a Knowledge Graph without constructing complicated queries?

Simple questions like: ‘What is the address of the last incident?’ are easy to reason through for humans, however surfacing this information requires quiet some knowledge of the underlying data structure. This prevents that everybody can just grab this information from the knowledge graph.

Using knowledge graph technology implies that there is already knowledge about the data and its connections available in the data itself. A knowledge graph practically ‘knows’ which questions can be answered based on the internal structure of the data. By using this structure to recognize questions that are asked from the knowledge graph it is possible to answer the questions which do not directly contain the structure of the underlying data model.

By using a chatbot we provide the opportunity to ask questions to the knowledge graph who do not require knowledge of the underlying data structure. This enables the quick and easy answering of the simple question without the need for a data model specialist. De underlying query generated in a language the knowledge graph understands can also be used as a starting point for more complex queries and reports.