deploys IBM DB2 NoSQL Graph Store at Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Department

IBM-IM_18pix After a test and acceptance period, is proud to announce the IBM DB2 NoSQL Graph Store now plays a crucial role in its RESC.Info deployment at the Amsterdam-Amstelland Fire Department. 20 Firestations and 500+ Firefighters use the RESC.Info.Monitor product in their daily operations. The data used by the RESC.Info.Monitor product now comes directly from the IBM DB2 NoSQL Graph Store.

Solid Foundation


Together with the IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition, DB2 now plays a central role in providing the best possible foundation for the ground breaking work done by The choice for IBM software is completely in line with the philosophy to use whats proven and innovate where necessary. The path to implementing of Semantic Web technology on top of these products has proven not to be an easy one. Great support from IBM representatives however helped a lot to make everything work.


Community Editions prepare for Future Growth


The choice for the Community editions is motivated by starting small but allowing the possibility to answer future scalability demands. The flexible support options allows to start with low cost proof of concepts while ensuring that future high level support demands can be provided at the same time.


Lessons Learned


During this years IBM Information on Demand in Las Vegas, USA, Bart van Leeuwen will talk about the lessons learned and will give an inside view of all the specifics of running IBM DB2 NoSQL Graph Store in a JEE environment.